Voltage Glitch (Spike) Testing with ChipSHOUTER

I’m probing a CPU to test its vulnerability to different types of voltage glitching. I’ve tried using the CW Lite to crowbar the power supply (including on the CW308 board which is a nice isolated environment), the CPU seems to be resistant to these attacks.

What about voltage spiking, brief pulses of over voltage to the power supply, has anybody had any luck with these types of attacks? Could the ChipSHOUTER be a good source for this, either directly to the power supply, or perhaps even through an AC adapter?

I don’t think you’ll see much success that far up the chain since there’s a bunch of distance/filtering between you and the CPU. It’ll be much easier to target closer to the CPU like on this raspberry pi example (voltage glitching, but same sort of idea with EMFI): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVkCNiM0PL8