Voltage Glitching on CW305

has anyone successfully performed voltage glitching using the cw305? if so, can you please share your documents with me.

There are some notes on how to go about this here:

is the implication here that voltage glitching should be completed using crowbar fault injection,?

I’m not sure I understand the question – there is no “should”, you can glitch any way you’d like, but crowbar fault injection is what our hardware is capable of doing (unless you have a ChipShouter).

let me rephrase: attempting to voltage glitch using the cwlite as the platform and the cw305 artix 7 fpga as the target requires the use of crowbar fault injection? and that hardware set up (combined with appropriate commands in software) should allow me to voltage glitch into the fpga?

CW-Lite/Husky/Pro can do crowbar fault injection and clock glitching, and you can use either on the CW305. If you have other glitch-generating hardware, you can use that too.