Voltage Glitching to Memory dumb CWLiteArm

Hello im working with the Chip Whsiperer Lite and the Arm Target (STM32F3). I´ve tried now a very long time with different paramters to complete the Fault 2_3 Tutorial but i didn´t get any success. In the previous Tutorials i got a lot successes. So i use this settings (width, offset) an try to change the ext_offset in a range from 16800 to 17050 but it did not work. I used different repeat values (1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 7).
Has someone a good point where i can start to analyse how to glitch this and not to try out with other settings over long time?

Thanks and best regards.

Hi i solved the problem on my own and compare the tutorial to the previous ones and i found out that the Glitch Module (Glitch_lp, Glitch_hp) was deactivated. After activating them, successes come very quick with the settings from previous tutorials.

Best Regards Rik