Warning: Failed to find USB Device (CW305) on Mac


I’m unfortunately running into an issue connecting the the CW305100T. When I run

target = cw.target(scope, cw.targets.CW305, fpga_id=‘100t’, force=False),

I get the error below. I’ve set J16 to 0 and K16 to 1. Is there something obvious I may be missing? My hardware is connected like in the picture here: https://wiki.newae.com/Tutorial_CW305-1_Building_a_Project, and I’ve checked that the bitstream file does exist.

Warning Traceback (most recent call last)
1 #target = cw.target(scope, cw.targets.CW305, fpga_id=‘35t’, force=False)
----> 2 target = cw.target(scope, cw.targets.CW305, fpga_id=‘100t’, force=False)

~/chipwhisperer/lib/python3.7/site-packages/chipwhisperer/init.py in target(scope, target_type, **kwargs)
238 “”"
239 target = target_type()
–> 240 target.con(scope, **kwargs)
241 return target

~/chipwhisperer/lib/python3.7/site-packages/chipwhisperer/capture/targets/_base.py in con(self, scope, **kwargs)
57 try:
58 self.connectStatus = True
—> 59 self._con(scope, **kwargs)
60 except:
61 self.dis()

~/chipwhisperer/lib/python3.7/site-packages/chipwhisperer/capture/targets/CW305.py in _con(self, scope, bsfile, force, fpga_id, defines_files, slurp)
273 from datetime import datetime
–> 274 self._naeusb.con(idProduct=[0xC305])
275 if not fpga_id is None:
276 if fpga_id not in (‘100t’, ‘35t’):

~/chipwhisperer/lib/python3.7/site-packages/chipwhisperer/hardware/naeusb/naeusb.py in con(self, idProduct, connect_to_first, serial_number)
628 if len(devlist) == 0:
–> 629 raise Warning(“Failed to find USB Device”)
631 elif serial_number:

Warning: Failed to find USB Device

There isn’t anything wrong with the FPGA in that case - this error is similar to connection issues with the ChipWhisperer capture boards. If you had any issues with connecting to the capture hardware, the solution for this is likely similar to the solution for that issue.

Can you post the output of lsusb -v?


Seeing the output of that did make me realize the issue was something that should have been more obvious. I assumed the ChipWhisperer would take care of all communication over the 20-pin connector like with the CW308 board, and that the USB cable to the CW305 was purely for power. Having then plugged it into my laptop instead of a wall outlet and running an attack with no issue, it’s now apparent that’s not the case :slight_smile: