WARNING - Major software refactoring in progress

Hi All,

Just a warning that a huge refactoring of the capture & analzyer software is underway. This will fix some fundamental issues with the software, and for example finally make it possible to import & use the python modules without the GUI.

In the mean-time, things will be kept “mostly” working in GIT. Unfortunately there may be some missed bugs, so if you run across anything funky please let us know! It’s a little bit of pain right now, but it should be a lot more stable of a system once this is all done…


-Colin O’Flynn

What’s the best way to report bugs? Or provide patches? :smiley: I’m on vacation for a week here, got the chipwhisperer in the mail yesterday, and I’ve encountered a few along the way.

Hi Tony,

General issues can be discussed here - if you’ve got patches you can email them in if lazy, but the ‘proper’ way is probably to raise an issue on the Assembla space (assembla.com/spaces/chipwhisperer/tickets).

I’m setting up a new Wiki that will detail all this - I’m trying to unify the current fragmented structure where there is a bunch of information in different locations. Will take some time but it’s slowly happening here…

Also the GITHub repo is behind the assembla.com one right now - I had a computer keeping them in sync, but it’s been offline for a few months. I’m going to bring it back online today, so if the issue was in the GITHub repo it may have been fixed by now.

There’s a new cloud computer I’m using for the wiki that can take over the synchronization of repos too so won’t be as dependent on my physical hardware shortly…