welch t-test

Hello, I’m trying to execute welch t-test in chipwhisperer for aes-128 and I was wondering if chipwhisperer supports welch t-test or how could I find this in python code in order to execute it in chipwhisperer CW303.

Hi papafra,

The easiest way for you to perform a welch t-test on the data is to use your own script once you have captured the necessary traces with the software. You can then import these traces into your script where you can implement the welch t-test. Here is a list of steps that will help:

  1. Capture a bunch of traces
  2. Save them in a project using the software save button
  3. Load the saved traces into your script
    Example of getting the trace data out of the ChipWhisperer software and loading them into your script.
  4. Run the welch t-test on the traces
    Example of writing and running a welch t-test using python.
  5. Feel accomplished !

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any more information or if you get stuck/ frustrated. I can help you more then. :smiley:

In order to execute RSA should i do the same process??Or there are different steps?

Doesn’t chipwhisperer support tvla fixed vs random test? I thought there was a support for tvla test. Am i mistaken or something has recently changed?Could anyone help me?

Is there anyone to help me with welch t test???I am stacked and i don’t know what to do next.How could I examine aes and rsa with welch t test in chipwhisperer?

Any ideas please?


I can try to give you an example - I had one a while ago. There was previously some built-in T-Test support, but I think it broke with the 4.0 release. Notably the older system had very limited support is what happened, so it wasn’t as worthwhile doing the T-Test from “within” the GUI, compared to external scripts.

I need to do some minor cleanup of an external script but will try to upload a tutorial to the wiki showing this.


An example of this could help me a lot and I would appreciate it If you can upload one tutorial of what you mentioned above. This is because I’m stacked and don’t know how to go on. I’m looking forward to receive an example from you.


Hello to everyone in the community here,
I’m also trying to implement TVLA fixed vs random t-test in chipwhisperer. I have found a script as an update for TVLA in chipwhisperer (you mentioned in a release 3.5.4) but don’t know how to load it to chipwhisperer and capture the traces. Besides, in order to separate the traces should I execute a coin-flip function so to manage take half of the traces with fixed plaintext and the remained with random plaintext??

If anyone could help that would be great!!!

I’ve captured 1.000.000 traces for AES-128 in order to execute TVLA for AES. I’m trying to load them into a script in order to execute welch t-test but a memory error occurs. Is this because of python 2.7? What else could I do to load all these traces without any error occur??

Any ideas??