Where are the tutorials?

I’ve just received the CW305 kit, but being new to ChipWhisperer, I’d like to run some basic tutorials on the ChipWhisperer-Lite (with ATMega attached). I cannot find them in the Jupyter notebook nor the github repo. Can someone point me to them?

What I’d like to do is just run a basic AES software test and do something like a CPA known key correlation attack or similar - just to get my feet wet with CW.
Thank you for any pointers.

Hi Paul, they’re in our separate Jupyter repo.
This is a submodule to our main CW repo; see e.g. installation instructions here.
Have fun!

Thanks JP. I did have that particular repo installed (along with everything else according to the installation instructions). I am assuming that you are referring to the “courses” folder or is there something more targeted to the ATMega or CW305.

Ah gotcha. Most everything is in the courses folder; as you drill down into its subfolders, each has a README showing which of its tutorials runs on which hardware. With a CW-Lite + xmega, you’ll be able to run most of what’s under courses/.

There’s also some material under demos/ which hasn’t been promoted to courses/ yet, including a couple of CW305 notebooks

For the CW305, there is a series of ECC notebooks in sca204. Finally, all of the CW305 target FPGA material is collected here: chipwhisperer/firmware/fpgas at develop · newaetech/chipwhisperer · GitHub