WIKI Usability : Add a download-link for the VMware Image

Hi there !

Thinking of all people who will do the install after me, I would like you to change a small thing in the Wiki:

On the installation page : , there is no reference to where I can get the VMWare Image. If you search for VMWare with the wiki search function, you get this page and a reference to a tutorial, neither of them carry a downloadlink to the VMware image. It took me a half hour to find it .

It would be so easy if the downloadlink was between

[size=150]Using VMWare Virtual Machine[/size]
[size=150]Windows XP/7[/size]

unless it is some kind of intended soft hazing of users so that those who are unable to look for it on their own are sorted out :laughing:

Thanks again

Much appreciate the thought and huge appology for the delay in finding! The wiki was transitioned from the “old wiki”, in the “old wiki” it was part of the assembla page that had a direct link on the sidebar. I guess I ttoally forgot about that :confused:

Where’s the link again?

Hi, all downloads can be found on the GitHub releases page.