Change Setting of OPENADC


I have some questions in changing the settings of CW-Lite for better capturing,

  1. I look into the API files and find that scope.gain is able to amplifier the value of the traces(maybe). And I change the default setting of scope.gain to scope.gain.db = 50 but it seems to have no differences to scope.gain.db = 25.

  2. I want to have a better sampling precision and I see here ADC Spec and the traces and find saying:

So, I check the default setting, it shows that
which is different to the information shown in API pages.

And I try to change the scope.clock.adc_src = "clkgen_x4 it returns read time error in my well working project. I don’t know where I should change as well for a better sampling.


1- Is the target doing the same thing for both measurements? Which firmware is it running? From your other threads I remember you having some problems with capturing and triggering with your own firmware.

2- Can you show me the error, the Python code you’re running, and the output of scope.clock after the error occurs?