Scope Not Defined - CW303


This looks to be a very similar issue to the problem from earlier this month with CW305 (Chip Whisperer Lite, with the XMEGA-128 chip) - see below.

NameError: name ‘scope’ is not defined

We cannot see our scope, when we run it in Juypter Notebooks. I think we need to update our firmware on either the CW or the target board.

What I would like to know is:

  1. Should we use Single Step Firmware Flashing?
  2. Should we Zadig?

I’d recommend using Zadig to install drivers temporarily, then using the single step update:

Basically, you just use Zadig to install WinUSB drivers for your Lite, then you can run the auto update code (there’s also a Notebook called ChipWhisperer Firmware Upgrade.ipynb).

We were able to install this and fix it without Zadig. We had an issue with not having CGWYIN BASH, but we got that solved. We also needed to get the MAKE tools installed with that.

The new issue is that the python scripts are not recognizing the arm toolchain.

sh: arm-none-eabi-gcc: command not found
make: *** […/./ gccversion] Error 127

Have you installed the Arm compiler:

If you try adding the folder with the compiler binaries to your path: There’s a checkbox with on the arm compiler installer, but I find it doesn’t always work.



We fixed that issue. We insalled the ARM compiler, but we got a failed to detect chip. More specifically, a USBError.


So we restarted and the Fault 101 “Introduction to Clock Glitching” lab simply hangs on that command. It says right there in the lab:

“If in the course of following this tutorial you find the FPGA appears to stop responding (i.e. certain features no longer work correctly), it could be the partial reconfiguration data is incorrect.”

It Hanged for about 20 minutes. We have the 303 Lite Kit.

Is there another lab that would be better suited for the 303 Lite?

Try switching to PLATFORM="CW308_XMEGA" at the beginning of the Notebook and restarting.